Oct 6, 2011

Today's Site

We have finished the excavation, but there still remain some works before closing the site.

Oct 5, 2011

Roofing over the site

We have finished all of the programmed archaeological activity in this year.
Now we begin constructing the roof all over the site to protect it.

Our Fellows

To protect the site until next opening the excavation, they are setting up the roof and alarm devices.

Thank you all for your following up to this "Blog".!
Until the resumption of the excavation we may occasionally up some articles about our excavation project here.

See you next year !!

Oct 3, 2011

Today's our patch

After all, we not only couldn't taste the watermelon but found nothing of its fruit.

As for Friarielli (Turnip Tops), They finished with the very regrettable result....

  (This year)

(Two years ago)

On 1 and 2 October, 2011

On the last weekend, we opened the site to citizens to show the results of the excavation in this year.

I thank to the citizens of Somma Vesuviana for your visiting to the site.

And thanks a lot to the local cultural associations (Pro Loco Somma, Dioniso and Club P.O., especially Mr. Franco Mosca of Pro Loco Somma) for your help to organize this event.