Aug 29, 2011

Reinforcement work around the doorway

To prevent the collapse of the wall, we inserted an wooden beam along the upper edge of the doorway.

 (Before the reinforcement works)
 (After them)

Cleaning the ground surface

We have removed all of the volcanic materials in this area.
Now we are cleaning the surface just before the eruption of 472 A.D..

Bottom of the cistern

Volcanic materials cover directly the bottom of the cistern.
After the removal of them you can see its bottom with impermeable finish.
(The left side of the photo)

Making precise survey drawings

Our Fellows

Our Fellows


Thank you for visiting our site despite the railway strike.

Say cheese!!

Today's our patch

Furiarielli (Turnip Tops)

(25th day from sowing)

Aug 28, 2011

In front of the doorway

It is still unknown why they leaned some roofing tiles and a limestone threshold plate on a wall on top of the layer of volcanic scoriae.

And after the removal of tiles
We found a fragment of the right foot of a marble statue.


Aug 24, 2011

Aug 16, 2011

Aug 13, 2011

Digressing from the subject

Some watermelon seeds sowed on last Friday beside the excavations are shooting up.


Somma Vesuviana
City Hall Square at 1:00 pm.....
 No traffic unless a pigeon walking on the pavement

The Aqueduct of Svevo (mid-13th century)
(Sulmona, Province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo)


The Aqueduct of Vanvitelli (mid-18th century)
One of the World Heritages by UNESCO
(Province of Caserta, Campania)


Today's Watermelon on the site



Aug 9, 2011

Before a 2 week's holiday

Now all workers take a 2 week's holiday.
But there remains something to do before it.

Let's make a new patch for "friarielle" as usual !
But, do you use the excavator in that way for cultivation ?

Perhaps we could taste them 2 months later...
Maybe like this ....

And then special lunch !!

Have a nice holiday, and see you all again 2 weeks later !

Aug 8, 2011

Removal of volcanic materials

Until now we have almost finished of the removal of volcanic materials in the area shown in the figure below.
And now we can see partly some of ancient soil before the eruption of 472 A.D. on its surface.
On the other hand, on both side of this area the removal of volcanic materials still continues downward.

Eaves with roofing tiles around the dome

We made a reinforcement work for the eaves.
Some tiles for the eaves are already fragmented in some pieces on their original positions. We inserted steel rods to underlay them.