Sep 25, 2014

It's the time of tidying up...

We finished all works on the site on 25 September. 
We thank you all !!

24 September “But there's one more thing....”

Thank you very much, Antonio oooooo !!
He found a pretty cute thing in the final 10 minutes of the excavation in this year.
It must be a piece of golden pierced earrings.

24 September........Final documentational works on the site

Sep 14, 2014

A tradition

An annual religious procession in a suburban area where we stay in the city of Somma Vesuviana

Sep 12, 2014

Sep 7, 2014

Cleaning and Reinforcement of wall paintings in frescos

Before the treatments
Cleaning and Reinforcement 

After the treatments

Datails (Before the treatments)

Details (After the treatments)

Sep 5, 2014

Our Fellows

Findings !

The body of a marble statue of female figure

Also in this area we found that some huge jars were embedded in the ground.

Repair of the crane was completed at last after one week of failure.

New transmitter and receiver arrived!

2 September, 15:30 (on Local Time)

Sep 2, 2014

The crane is out of order also today...

We've been waiting for a mechanic to repair it for some days.
And this morning we had a storm for a while on the site.

1 september, 8:25 - 11:30 (on Local Time)

Before the storm (29 August)

After the storm (1 September)
Volcanic sand and ash were washed out, and scattered fragments of building components on the ancient ground were revealed.