Aug 30, 2014

Precise measurements and other works on the site

Precise measurements of the architectural elements using a 3D laser scanner

Thanks to Prof. Katsushi IKEUCHI and to the members of IKEUCHI Lab. in Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo for this equipment

And beside of this work......

Aug 21, 2014

Some excavated architectural elements

A sequence of arch
Some fragments of a wall collapsed

Was this wall pushed down in this way by a mud flow ?

Aug 19, 2014

Removal of the volcanic materials again

Progress of the works...

23 July
Also in this area the stratigraphic sequence is simple, but removing of the volcanic materials is quite tough work.

30 July

6 August

19 August

We started the excavation in 2014

      We continue the excavation in the same location from last year.

The situation just before the excavation in this year

This year, we have a plan to show you often the site through the live streaming service "USTREAM" during the excavation.

Usually you can see it between 8:00 AM and noon (GMT) on the following site;